Saturday, October 18, 2014

Today's Picks

Let's get to it. Iowa +4.5 at Mary West Virginia +8 hosting Baylor KSU +7.5 at OU Florida Atlantic +4.5 hosting Western Ken Duke -3 hosting UVA Air Force -9 hosting New Mex Cincy -13 hosting SMU Cal +7 hosting UCLA MSU -17 at IU Ark +3.5 hosting Georgia Okie State +10 at TCU Wash +21 at Ore Good luck

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


What does this guy have to do to get suspended? Clearly he is challenging his head coach and school--but they do not care. After all, by consistently pushing off any investigation into this kid's multiple mistakes and potential crimes they are encouraging him to do more and more. And with the NCAA so toothless they can probably continue to push the envelope in keeping him on the field. The ACC is keeping quiet as they have only one program anyone respects so why bite that hand? Just as we saw with Cam Newton and Johnny Manziel, the powers that be clearly want this guy on the field and will continue to stall until they can release something inconsequential after the fact. That they're doing this encourages others to do the same--and we are now being overrun by Heisman winners embarrassing the sport instead of representing what is good about the it--and the future is daunting. The fact that two undefeated national powers are squaring off Saturday night and all anyone wants to talk about is this idiot's mistakes is sad and pathetic.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Today's Picks

Here we go (and yes I need to present my results so far at some point soon): Northwestern +4 at Minny Rice -1.5 at Army FSU -24 at Cuse Cincy +17.5 at Miami Georgia Tech -3.5 vs Duke Clemson -10 hosting Lou Aub -3 at Miss St UNC +17 at ND Bama -9.5 at Arkie Wash +3.5 at Cal LSU +1 at Florida LSU under 47 A&M -3 hosting Miss Air Force +7.5 at Utah State Good luck

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Florida Football Broken Again?

Where do we go from here Florida fans? Just when you thought that maybe the dysfunction of last year had been exorcised by the team's fourth quarter rally this past Saturday that led to a 10-9 win over Tennessee and a 3-1 record, you had to pay attention to the news and realize that whatever good vibes you may have felt were long gone. More importantly a member of the Gators family--the backup QB that led rally--is being accused of sexual assault. And then as that QB Treon Harris is suspended while the Gainesville police are investigating the charges, the third string QB Skylar Mornhinweg gets into a fight with a teammate that requires minor medical treatment. With Florida fans already looking to tar and feather starting QB Jeff Driskel for his awful play, the team is treading water with LSU on the horizon. Obviously that what's-his-name Meyer coach made some deal with the devil for national championships and the devil is still collecting. Hopefully the accusations against Harris are proved false. If not, Florida needs to do right by the victim. As for the rest of the nonsense, the team needs to stay focused and stay out of trouble. Fight hard and climb to 7-8 wins and try desperately to turn the page on past troubles.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

College Football Polls Blown Up

Does anyone want to be in the top ten? After the carnage Thursday night through yesterday the polls look a lot different than they did last week. The number of undefeated teams is shrinking rapidly and projected final fours need to be written in pencil. Who did survive? Well last year's championship battlers Florida State and Auburn are now 1-2 in the coaches' poll. Baylor, who has not played anyone, is third and Mississippi moved up seven spots to fourth. Notre Dame, Mississippi State (boy the Egg Bowl this year will be must watch TV), Alabama, Michigan State, Oklahoma and Georgia round out the top ten. Oregon, at 11th, finds itself out of the top ten while its slayer Arizona sits at 13 behind TCU. This is a fluid process and teams like TCU can prove they are real with continued good play and wouldn't you know it, they have Baylor scheduled for next week. This promises to be a crazy season although this past weekend was especially so.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

BYU Season Derailed

You cannot have a much worse night than the one experienced yesterday by BYU. Not only did they lose to a three TD underdog, but that dog happened to be an in-state rival. They lost their perfect season and their chance to move up from 18th nationally on a weekend that promises upsets. Most importantly they lost star QB Taysom Hill to a fractured leg. The highest-ranked "other" program, not counting Notre Dame, the Cougars were aiming for an undefeated season and a major bowl. The national championship playoffs were probably out of reach but BYU was hoping to reach the top ten. Now they have to rebound without their star QB, a player who had elevated them to the little attention they did achieve in wins over Texas and Virginia. BYU can take solace in the performance by Utah State as the Aggies were led by their backup QB Darell Garretson, who threw for 321 yards and 3 TDs in replace of injured star QB Chuckie Keeton. Sub Christian Stewart did not play well but he will have to step it up quickly as three of the team's next four games are on the road. As for Utah State, the win--their first on the road in the Wagon Wheel rivalry since 1978--was a great boost with conference play coming up. The Aggies are in the very competitive Mountain division of the MWC and will need to continue playing at this high level with Air Force and Colorado State next up.

Today's Picks

Here we go: Illinois-Purdue under 54 ECU -41 over SMU Miss State -2 hosting Texas A&M No Texas +12 at IU ND +2 hosting Stanford USC -12 vs ASU Air Force +3.5 OU -4.5 Bama -6 at Miss NC State +14 at Clemson West Va -28 hosting KU Colorado +6 vs Oregon State Rice -7 vs Hawaii LSU-Auburn under 58 Rutgers -2 hosting Michigan Miami +1.5 at Tech Nebraska-MSU under 60 Good luck