Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Auburn Football on Side of the Road with Flat Tire

The dismissal of stud wide receiver D'haquille Williams from the Auburn football program caps a dreadful start to a 2015 season that began with such promise. Williams continued to break team rules--and these are SEC rules--and clearly had to go. And despite Williams's talent, the Tigers will be better without the headaches he provides. Teams can rally easier without a selfish player. But can they rally? The key would be to bury their national title aspirations, because those are over, and to focus on what they can accomplish. Get back to playing Auburn ball, which is tough in the trenches and, now under head coach Gus Malzahn, dynamic on offense. That has been missing this year with the team's QB problems but the talent is there for a quick rebuild. And quick it will have to be as they have a daunting schedule remaining. But screw that. Make the remaining opponents fear playing Auburn once again.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Wide Open Season Promises Excitement

The defending national champion Ohio State Buckeyes were expected to dominate proceedings here in the 2015 regular season. After all they offered the tantalizing combination of an abundance of talent and a middling schedule. But much like FSU last season, the Buckeyes have underwhelmed so far with narrow wins over squads like Northern Illinois and Indiana. While OSU will have plenty of time to impress, others have stepped up in September to lay claim to the title of best in the land. But even that bunch has had some unimpressive wins themselves or actual losses as the top 10 continues to rewrite itself. This may be a season where a 16-team playoffs would be fun. after all, if the season ended yesterday and we used the most recent FWAA-NFF Super Poll to seed teams, number 16 Stanford would not be too much of an underdog against top-seeded OSU. We can look at this two ways. Either we are watching a rather dull season or the opposite. That the race to the top four is wide open so let's enjoy the competition. That is my take and I am sticking with it.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Saturday's Picks

I finished September with a 26-18 record, which is okay. Here are the picks for this wet opening weekend of October. Minnesota +4.5 at Northwestern, Iowa +6.5 at Wisconsin, Air Force +5.5 at Navy, Texas Tech +17.5 at Baylor, ECU -6 at SMU, KSU +7.5 at Okie State, Mississippi -7 at Florida, CSU +4 at Utah State, Notre Dame +2 at Clemson, Oregon =7.5 at Colorado, Arizona +13.5 at Stanford Goodluck

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Today's Picks

Sorry for the delay. Down to 23-15. I like: No Ill +3.5 at BC, Tennessee -1 at Florida, TCU -5.5 at TT, Arkansas +7 hosting A&M, Arizona +2 hosting UCLA, Utah +10.5 at Ore, ASU +5.5 hosting USC. Good luck

Friday, September 25, 2015

Tonight's Pick

I enter the evening 23-14 and am contemplating two tough games tonight. I do not know how anyone can be excited about their pick for the Boise at Virginia game. Boise is one of the better teams to travel east over the past few years, including a win down the road from Virginia in Blacksburg in 2010. This Boise team is solid but not exemplary, however. UVA, on the other hand, is playing for a salvaging of the season after the heartbreaking loss to ND. they have been so good at home recently that I cannot pick against them on a Friday night. so i will pass. I am going out on a limb by picking Oregon State tonight, at home against Stanford, to hang close before losing. The Beavers are young and rebuilding under new coach Gary Andersen, who knows how to slow an offense down enough to hang with a better foe. True Michigan did blow them out two weeks ago, but that game was close until a disastrous punt snap allowed the wolverines to begin pulling away. Stanford had a huge win late Saturday night on the road and now has to go on the road again on a short week to play a team they blew out last year with a ranked Arizona on deck. Pick: Oregon State +16

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Look Back at a Classic Upset

What's great about an upset is that it sits there, forever, in black and white. As long as college football matters--and there is no sign of that abating any time soon--the fact that the University of Louisiana-Monroe beat Alabama 21-14 on November 17, 2007 will always be recorded in the books. And since those two teams meet up this Saturday for the first time since that game, the upset is back in the news. And as someone who does not like Nick Saban, that is a welcome discussion any and every time. What is great about that result was that La-Monroe had a mediocre season. They went to Tuscaloosa with a 4-6 record with one of the team's losses coming to a North Texas team that finished the season 2-10. The Redhawks themselves finished the season 6-6. Despite the big win head coach Charlie Weatherbie only lasted two more before being fired. Of course, that was not a great Alabama squad by any stretch of the imagination, finishing the season 7-6 including a four-game losing streak in November. John Parker Wilson was the embattled QB and Terry Grant was the leading rusher with only 891y. Still Nick Saban was not happy that day and probably is not happy any time someone brings up that game. Knowing that makes me happy. I love a good upset.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Today's Picks

With the season mark at 18-7 I am feeling good. I like a lot today so here's hoping the luck continues. Temple -11 at UMass. Michigan -35 hosting unlv South Carolina +16.5 at Georgia LSU -6.5 hosting Auburn Va Tech -6.5 at Purdue Nebraska +3 at Miami Utah State +7 at Washington Texas Tech +11 at Arkansas Colorado State +3 versus Colorado Kentucky +3.5 hosting Florida Western Kentucky +1 at IU Iowa -5.5 hosting Pitt BYU +14 at UCLA Utah -14 at Fresno Good luck.