Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Remaining Contenders for College Football Playoffs

Well here we go. If Thanksgiving shopping is done then college football's regular season must be winding down. Yet there are still so many crucial battles to be played, both this weekend and next, that we have quite a few teams with a realistic shot at making the playoffs. All of the non power five conference teams are out since none of them ar undefeated. Notre Dame is still alive but must win at Stanford Saturday night. Of the power five conferences, the Pac 12 has been eliminated as its champion, either Stanford, UCLA or USC, would have too many losses. The ACC has the current front runner in Clemson and if they beat South Carolina and then North Carolina in the ACC championship game then they will sew up the number one seed. Should they lose this weekend then that would probably, but not definitely, set up a showdown with the Tar Heels for one spot. The Big Ten seems to have a spot sewn up too unless Iowa, Michigan State and Ohio State all lose this weekend. That's not impossible but unlikely. Realistically those teams are playing for one spot in the final four. Alabama seems to have a spot but must win over mismatched rival Auburn and then underwhelming SEC East champ Florida. If florida sweeps FSU and then Alabama they'll probably grab a spot. The Big 12 is the mystery conference as they could be out again this year if OU loses to Okie State. I feel that the Big 12 is fighting Notre Dame for one spot as the committee will not want two teams in the final four that did not have to play a conference championship game. Let's play some ball.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Today's Picks

Please excuse my silence but busy with a college football doc. I am down to 47-44 so I need a big week. Here goes: Indiana +13.5, Memphis-Houston over 71, OSU-15.5, WSU +8.5, Notre Dame -26.5, UNC-13, Navy-21.5, ISU +13.5, Baylor -2.5, South Carolina +8, Stanford -10, Minny +11.5

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Today's Picks

Now I sit at 43-36. It is time to make some hay. Today i like Purdue +7.5, NC State +10, Iowa -17, Auburn +7, CSU +3.5, Georgia +2, Cal +4.5, Temple +11, Texas Tech +2.5, Houston -12, Duke -13 and Minnesota +13. Good luck.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Jerry Kill Retires

There is more sad news to report as Minnesota head coach Jerry Kill, who has battled epilepsy for 10 years, has been forced to retire as his health has worsened. Although he has fought the good fight in trying to maintain his health and lead a major college football program, he can no longer do that and with a heavy heart has had to move on. Kill has don an excellent job at Minnesota and leaves with his head held high. The program is in excellent shape and interim had coach, Tracy Claeys, a long-time Kill assistant, is 4-3 in this role in replacing Kill before when his seizures got the best of him. This time Kill is not returning and the program has to decide whether to keep the current staff or go in a new direction. The second half of the season will go along way toward determining that and a quality game against the next opponent, Michigan, will help. More than the usual number of people will be rooting for them.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tragedy at Oklahoma State Overshadows Football

There is a lot to talk about with Oklahoma State and Big 12 football. The Cowboys are undefeated and one of four conference teams ranked in the top 25 of the AP Poll. But none of that means much, today, for the families of those killed or injured Saturday at the homecoming parade. The focus is on them,as it should be, and we can all get back to football at a later date.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Today's Picks

Okay, now at 38-30. Time to do well despite a dull lineup. I'll take Utah +3.5, A&M +5, Northwestern +7, Wisconsin -6, Duke +3, UCF +22, PSU -6.5, BC +7.5, South Florida -13, FSU -7, W. Kentucky +15 Have fun

Friday, October 23, 2015

Situation at Louisville Basketball

I do not mean to belittle the hookers-for-recruit story coming out of Louisville, but I find it odd that this is such a big story. For decades recruits were wooed with women and everyone knew that it was going on but no one cared. For some reason the use of coeds to sleep with potential game changers for basketball and football is okay but when Louisville decides to use professionals they get caught. On the assumption that these women are more likely to be checked for STDs than a typical college student willing to sleep with players for the good of the program, it really is the proper way to go about this. And if anything, the use of actual students is worse because some players get the impression that if they commit then they will continue the relationship with that particular student (and sometimes they do). Anyway, Louisville is embarrassed and that to me is enough as this is a really tough broken law to investigate nationally.